Thursday, 30 August 2012

Five Gift Ideas Better Than Rape Babies


  1. I'm sure this kind of under informed spew comes from the same inteligencia that agreed to mark the charts of the world with 'Here be Monsters'.

    Although I agree in principle that human rights and right to life is a good thing, we really need to move on from the dark ages in the application of the ideals

    Although this is bound to open a whole can of worms, I say bring back corporal punishment for rapist and molesters. With the advances in modern criminology I'm sure we can improve the records of years past.
    Although health and safety exects will probably demand safety rails and nets, ‘cause one could get injured falling from the gallows.

  2. Love it! Found your blog via an unusual route - was trying to remember Congresswoman Barnes' name. Your tongue in cheek commentary is priceless!

    1. Thank you! And trust me, most people who find this site do it in a very unusual manner, someone once found it by searching 'Bob's Shoe Porn'


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